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Post  Admin on Sat Nov 06, 2010 11:52 pm

The Regional Matters forum is dedicated to serious matters regarding the regional government and affairs. And, as with all serious things, certain expectations apply.

1. All regional matters of importance are to be discussed here - that having been given, if a topic is not serious or has little to no importance, it does not belong here. Certain types of topics that would be appropriate for this forum include but aren't limited to: questions regarding policy or how the game/region/forum operates, raising awareness about a regional issue that impacts multiple nations, discussing World Assembly Resolutions, discussing regional government, and suggestions/concerns about regional operation.

2. Here, especially, be respectful and appropriate. Refrain from harassment or vulgarity, and don't be a jerk - nothing wrong with being light hearted, but at the same time, keeping it serious is appreciated.

3. Do not create topics that have nothing to do with regional affairs.


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