Announcements and Updates: Quinquex- Days 1-75

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Announcements and Updates: Quinquex- Days 1-75 Empty Announcements and Updates: Quinquex- Days 1-75

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The documents following are all transcripts of the World Assembly Delegate Announcements and Updates for days 1-75 of Quinquex's tenure as delegate.

Alright guys, after a lot of Chemistry homework and some thinking here and there, I figure that it is best to come up with a few statues and bits and pieces of information.

Our World Assembly delegate is the official leader of the region. (S)he may be voted out at any time by means of endorsements, for power is to be taken and given up peacefully based upon reasonable ideas and grievances. Our Head of Recruitment shall be in charge of bringing other nations into the region, and shall do so how they please. Our Head of Regional Management shall make propositions regarding changes in other positions of power. These propositions shall be then decided on by the community and if affirmed, put into practice. Regular nations are asked to telegram their wishes to this person instead of openly voicing them. If these telegrams are ignored or denied, contact the WA delegate. (S)he is not, however, in charge of his/her own position, which is subject to change through propositions set forth by the WA Delegate and votes. Concerns about the Head of Regional Management ought to be voiced via telegram to the WA delegate.

Anyone can and ought to initiate discussion regarding World Assembly Proposals. The WA delegate shall vote based upon the general consensus or majority opinion expressed by the region here in the civil headquarters, whether the WA delegate personally agrees with the consensus or not.

There shall be no informal user-bashing here in our civil HQ. Any proposals to remove users from the region should be directed as explained above. Inflammatory comments here at the civil HQ shall not be tolerated and will move the user closer to an ejection and a ban, which shall not need a proposal or a vote to pass. Obviously, more than simply formal proposals, discussions, and votes are allowed and shall transpire in the Civil HQ, I don't mean to make it sound otherwise, but it will be the place for formal discussion as well and shall have no room for insults.

If there's any fixes to what I just said that people want, or any fixes to the factbook entry, go ahead and tell me. I just came up with most of this schnoz off the cuff anyways. Also, send me a telegram if you'd like to take up one of the two currently empty positions, I'll set up a vote for them later if there are contenders for the same position


Welcome, Metro! No need to be an OT fellow, I'm not one either, and I'm sure all of us are/used to be badgehounds. Enjoy your residence here.

Also, Smack-diddly-dac ;-;

Furthermore, Sam, I asked you to telegram me about it, but it's okay. Currently the users who are up for the head of Recruitment are Samuel Melanson and Mesopoth. Anyone else who wants to get in either on this or the Head of Regional Management are welcome, just get those requests in nice and soon.

Catholic, I don't know if you are joking or not, but no such thing exists from what I see. It would be nice if it popped up somewhere, though =P

On the issue of the liberation, I do believe that it should be passed through based upon the details that were given. Obviously the validity of the claims are subject to suspicion, but the case layed out makes a clear and good point for the liberation of Greece. I will be voting for or against either tomorrow or the next day, so get those opinions up!

The Identity Theft Prevention Act is a bit more of a difficult cookie to break down due to one key issue- The International Identity Database. The rest of the act makes perfect sense to me, but a people should not have their personal information subject to worldwide government access- this would be like allowing North Korea to read up everything about you in the United States. There are no specifications as to the identity victim's say in the matter, how long the information is in the database, or what have you. There are already means of tracking uncouth use of information like credit anyway- the credit card company with whom you are employed. They will contact you if a slew of unexpected, unusual spending, especially in a random place, occurs. This is the point which makes me wish to say no to the proposal, what do you all have to say?

Also, I do not plan on approving the gaming regulations, have approved a repeal of the International Criminal Court, do not plan on approving the nuclear weapons test ban, and do not plan to approve the ban on Extrajudicial transfer. However, any of that can change. Check these things over and tell me what you think!

I used to play Kongai, I achieved the hard badge, and at about the same time, I got sick and tired of playing it.

Ohhai Servoman. I know your leader. No, don't worry, no need to take me to him. (Razz)

Psh, there's more community than the forums. Most of the chatrooms have their own communities, and if you look hard enough you'll the perfect one.

The head of recruitment would do whatever he believed was right and necessary to bring new users to the region. That would include his/her friends, getting people from Kong, getting other people to get people, advertising in other regions, and the like. I'm considering setting a quota of number of users needed to be brought in per month/week. The election for this position will begin tomorrow if no one else would like to nominate themselves- if they do, they may send me a telegram.

I voted negative on the I.D. Theft Prevention Act, and Positively on Liberate Greece- for those concerned.
Woo, finally reclassified to centrist democracy! I got tired of pretending to me a socialist, maybe my economy will finally start to recover e_e

I personally stand against banning the testing of Nuclear Weapons. Despite the environmental implications, it is not the position of a world wide assembly to forbid a military from properly protecting its people, and further, if weapons were still allowed creation but not testing, this could have potentially detrimental implications. Also, the language states that no nation shall set off a nuclear explosion "test or otherwise" meaning no nuclear measures are allowed to be taken, which is completely absurd, extends beyond the limitations of what the title suggests, and more or less bans everything but stockpiling untested weapons for no purpose- and nations will certainly still stockpile. Lets hear what you guys think!

Also, I stand against Tasmardica's condemnation. The country may have whatever laws it pleases- there are so many 'extreme' nations on this game that it's hardly suitable to single out and condemn one for this singular extreme position.

Poorleland, you may vote on your own for the resolutions. Just click on the resolution, read it, and at the end you should be able to click for or against, placing one vote in either a positive or negative direction. I just have these discussions so I can take my vote (which currently is worth ten votes, since I am the WA delegate) and put it toward what best represents the general sentiment of the region.

Eudy, you're welcome! And finally...


The following users are up for election, in alphabetical order:
- The Colony of Jahnus (Alt account of The Empire of Basementees)
- The Democratic Republic of Samuel Melanson

You shall cast your vote publicly, here, in the Civil HQ. Any person who is a member of the region may vote once, please do not use an alternate account to add a second vote. The election ends Wednesday, September, 2010, 6:00 PM U.S. Eastern Time. Each candidate may vote for themselves. The user with the majority of votes shall win the election. If there is a tie, I shall break it with my vote, but unless this occurs I shall not cast a vote.

The uncontested candidate for Regional managaer is The Dictatorship of Mesopoth. As a result this nation is automatically given the position. As I stated earlier, the following stipulations apply:

"Our Head of Regional Management shall make propositions regarding changes in other positions of power. These propositions shall be then decided on by the community and if affirmed, put into practice. Regular nations are asked to telegram their wishes to this person instead of openly voicing them. If these telegrams are ignored or denied, contact the WA delegate. (S)he is not, however, in charge of his/her own position, which is subject to change through propositions set forth by the WA Delegate and votes. Concerns about the Head of Regional Management ought to be voiced via telegram to the WA delegate."

Yay, second most cultured for the win.

Also, I would appreciate the endorsements for regional security, as the saying goes. Speaking of security...

Per suggestion of The Armed Republic of Ambassador-ServoDroid I am introducing a new government position based on the region's security.

Head of Defense
The responsibilities are as follows.
- To keep, via whatever acceptable measure possible, the region free of and safe from invaders
- Recruits for and leads the Kongregate Armed Forces. These are users who must be members of the WA and must have endorsed the WA delegate. These users shall follow the orders of the head of defense, among which could be intelligence gathering and counter-invasion. The Head of Defense may have KAR members removed at will.
- Manages any and all security plans with the World Assembly Delegate, must send daily security updates to the WA Delegate.
- May not order around or command any users outside of the Kongregate Armed Forces.

This is a very important position, especially as the region gets to have more users in it. Before we hold the vote, however, I need nominees. Anyone who wishes to nominate themselves for the position must do so in the next day or two. The user who receives the majority shall win, if there is a tie than I shall break the tie, until then I shall not vote.
Welcome to-
The Empire of EpicTenguMan
The Republic of Jawunleashed
The Republic of Super Awesome People
The Empire of Nooby123
The Kongregate Defense Network of War Demons
The Democratic Republic of Schlaffenwoofen
Enjoy yourselves here, guys Very Happy Stay active, get endorsing, chat up the Civil HQ, solve thems issues, and enjoy yourselves!

World Assembly Update:
I am planning to vote affirmative both on The Medical Ethics Research Act and Commend 10000 Islands. 10000 Islands has definitely done a great service as a region and as the home of TITO. And the Medical Ethics act has nothing nefarious to it, simply a bit more ugly bureaucracy, but guarantees more righteousness in the end. Opinions?
Sexy religion is sexy.

World Assembly Update: I plan on voting against the Condemnation of Gatesville. That's like condemning the countries in East Asia for strongly dislike the world assembly. Gatesville is simply speaking out about what it believes about the World Assembly, and though the WA is indeed central to the game, it is highly doubtful that it will completely crush the world assembly, and this places 'natural law' per se is that what the World Assembly says is law. For them to have a fully functioning region they need to be part of the WA anyway, and by trying to disinterest its people from it, it paradoxically is causing its world assembly members to be crushed by decisions that it doesn't even want to be a part of (even though their WA delegate is taking part in votes, another paradox). In other words, they're only hurting themselves, or removing their say in what will effect everyone in it anyway- the only other explanation is that they're trying to disinterest others in it in order to have more power in it (to deny all resolutions).
I also agree with the WA proposition for execution. It just improves basic rights for nations that don't have them. As always, though, What do you think?

Endorsements: I've received a couple questions about endorsements and who may endorse who. The low-down is that you can endorse absolutely whoever you want for whatever reason, there are no restrictions. As a matter of fact, the more people you endorse, the more security the region has, because even though the WA delegate is the one in control of things ultimately, and that position's security is important, endorsing others makes both our regional regulars harder to kick out in case there is an invasion, as well as the WA delegate (assuming you endorse him/her too). In short, go on an endorsement spree!

Elections: The only nation to have applied for Defense Head is the The Orbital Defense Network of War Demons, and so it has automatically been appointed to the position. Congratulations!

Anti-Kongregate Alliance: We as a region at the moment have nothing to fear from the Anti Kongregate Alliance. They are three new and weak nations powerful, their leader is hardly active, and we're obviously plenty stronger than that.

Recruitment: It's not only Samuel's job to get recruiting, all of us are recruiting too! If you have the time, and you're on Kong, get a few people interested and show them the ropes. I've personally nabbed 10 people. Lets get this on a roll, guys!


Response to the Security Announcement:

The action is plausible, but has very many flaws which make me extremely hesitant to act upon. First and foremost, there are many more plausible measures which can be taken.

The first is to attain control of the founder nation and bring it back here under my/our/someone's control. If the founder would agree to do this (I have already asked him), then the problem is solved right there, no vulnerability to worry about. Hence, before any other measures are taken, I believe waiting for a response from him is in order.

Secondly, heavy endorsing and more involved recruiting will boost strength no matter what. Yes, there are very powerful regions out there which do attempt to overtake other regions (i.e. Raider Regions) but this would have to be highly organized, rapidfire, and occur in very strong numbers. As long as we continue to build up strength and security, and ramp it up with more recruitments and widespread endorsing, we ought to be fine on our own.

And even if we are invaded, we have very numerous positions to fall back upon. There is the Founderless Region Alliance and TITO, both of which I am currently looking into, just for starters. There is immediate ejection, which if done quick enough can get any invaders out and banned with very little regional influence cost. Etc.

Now, lets take the issues with the move itself. It just appears to me to be too massive and insecure in itself, especially with all these other explorable options open, to simply jump into. We have lag time with the move, we'll need constant password changes, some people aren't going to want to move, as the move takes place this region especially is subject to control of someone else, I don't necessarily have the power to just get rid of users who have been established here for a long time and don't wish to move, since in the move all influence built up here would be lost, so on and so forth.

I'll end with a quote from Edmund Burke. "However sagacious and observing he may be, it is with infinite caution that any man ought to venture upon pulling down an edifice, which has answered in any tolerable degree for ages the common purposes of society, or on building it up again, without having models and patterns of approved utility before his eyes."


To all new nations, welcome to Kongregate! This being a very unexpected occurrence, I'm not quite sure what to say to you all, other than thanks for coming, and to those of you who are staying- enjoy yourself here. The following is old news to anyone who's been in the region for awhile, but we more or less function as a relaxed group of guys and gals who have little discussions about World Assembly propositions, keep tabs on regional management, poke fun at one another, and simply use the region as a venue to have a few minutes of good time every day. You can see the regional officials in the factbook entry, who keep things safe, keep things from being corrupt, and keep the peeps flowing into the region, and you can also telegram it up with anyone else here- most of us are friendly fellows.

Current issues that have been up for discussion are the possibility of a regional raid, which so far has been bashed into the ground, and of course the recent World Assembly propositions which, per tradition, I weigh in on with my opinion while seeking the opinions of everyone else before voting in the direction of what is the most popularly expressed opinion. And so, without further ado-

World Assembly Update: We did vote for the condemnation of NWO, but nonetheless it was defeated by a hefty margin. On the current General Assembly proposal, I am completely in agreement with it with the exception of one key point, and it certainly is an important one- "BANS nuclear testing within twice the distance of geosynchronous orbit - at the equator - of any inhabited celestial bodies." In other words, we can't test our nuclear weapons on earth. This seems a bit extreme, given that most nuclear technology can be tested in remote areas which, while granted they will affect the local wildlife, do not bring harm to civilized populations. It's how we've been testing bombs such as the H-bomb for years. I just don't see nuclear testing occurring on other planets, and don't see the need to ban it here unless we're looking for complete nuclear proliferation, which I'm not a fan of. But of course, as always, that's my opinion in the form of a first impression- what're yours?

Finally. Lots of love for The Daily Congratulations of The Quote Of The Day.

Mass recruitment, World Assembly membership attainment, and mass endorsement is the best option we could possibly choose. Trying to raid with the activity and co-ordination that we currently have wouldn't be very successful at all, and at the least it would still leave us open for a counter attack. It would only take 1 day or so (as opposed to multiple more to organize any sort of real raid) for us to recruit a heavy number of nations- after all guys, seriously, we have a massive corporate gaming website with tens of thousands of adolescent followers at our back. There simply hasn't been enough effort put into gathering more people for the region. Plus, given that they all are active, if there is a perceived threat, to protect themselves, can all simply reassert their own power with a few endorsements from active users. The best offense is a good defense, so I implore that you, the one reading this, go and recruit now, walk those recruited through the basic ins and outs of the game, especially WA application and endorsement, prod them to endorse everyone in the region, not just myself (it's a small effort, only about 5 minutes) and in no time we'll have quite the above average defenses.

World Assembly Update: My apologies for not having voted on the Nuclear Ban- It was defeated anyways, which is good. In terms of the current proposal, it is completely accurate, in my opinion. The only little hiccup comes at the end, because the resolution's author forgets about aspects such as Powers of Attorney who have been given the legal right to make these decisions for the person, especially if the person has been deemed incompetent. This isn't the biggest deal though, I'm not a big fan of tearing up privates of ladywomen. I say we vote it through as well, it's pretty well written to boot (@ Akmajinadad Razz)- I will put a yes vote in, changing it if there are enough protests to it.


Well then, it looks like it's time for a new Head of Defense. The standard protocol, or at least that which we have used thus far, is to allow anyone to nominate themselves for the position via telegramming me. Any self-nominations not announced to me in telegram form shall not be considered. The responsibilities of the Head of Defense revolve mainly around keeping the region safe through the necessary means, organizing and leading (if necessary) a Kongregate Armed Forces, and providing reports of anything important to the WA delegate as soon as they begin to develop. A more precise explanation of duties will be given come election time. So get those applications in soon, elections will begin in a couple of days.

Also, check out the new flag. Credit for the design goes to Rawismojo. You guys like it? If not, have any other suggestions?


Economy: Basket-Case. Finally, no more implosion. Took long enough. <_< Also, not socialist! Again! Woo.

World Assembly Update: There are two votes for and one vote against Space Research Station Program, hence I shall vote for it. Conversely, there are two undecided's and one vote for Repeal "Commend Sedgistan" and hence I shall not vote on it.

Basementees, it's because some of my crackpot raving liberal citizens snuck into your borders and campaigned vehemently for the rights of your people. You fail to oppress when you're up against ardent hippies, my friend.

World Assembly Update: I plan to vote for the repeal of the commendation of antarctic oasis, the reasons provided by the proposal, assuming they are true, seem enough to keep them from being commended. Nevertheless, I plan to vote against the transhuman freedom act, because of the very clear slippery slope it allows by forbidding any laws to be made prohibiting any transhuman modification. In other words, it creates an open pathway for parents to say "I want my baby to have an eventual IQ of 300, a toned physicality as it matures, these personality traits, etc." What do you guys think?


Welcome, The Most Serene Republic of Turq and The People's Republic of Tropicostan! Nice to see you in the region (S'been a long time, Commie Surprised)! Don't forget to get involved in the world assembly, I'd greatly appreciate it if you would join and endorse as many people as you possibly could (regional security for the win). Yes. That's right. I shamelessly promote things. Like, shamefully shamelessly.

World Assembly Update: I have voted for Condemn Durkadurkiranistan II due to the fact that all of his actions within the game listed culminate negatively enough to reveal that he ain't a very cool guy. I have also voted against Ethics in International Trade because of the simple fact that it's creating an unnecessary regulatory system, which we frankly have enough of already, albeit for better reasons.

Finally, today in Quinquex is officially Public Transport Day!

That's nice. Which reminds me.

Election Season is Beginning!
We decided that every 75 days after the incumbency of a World Assembly Delegate, we as a region would hold elections for each office. According to my amazingly advanced arithmetic skills, that's 14 days away, so it's about time we get thinking. As made clear from the World Factbook entry, there are three positions open: World Assembly Delegate, Head of Regional Management, and Head of Recruitment. Below is a brief synopsis of the responsibilities of those representatives in each position. New stipulations and responsibilities added to the original responsibilities, which are not in effect currently but shall be in the next administration, have been italicized, and chosen solely by me. If there are any objections to these or any of the other responsibilities or stipulations,or questions about them, remember, feel free to speak up. Also, feel free to suggest new stipulations/responsibilities!

World Assembly Delegate: This user is more or less the leader of the region. (S)he has the responsibility of overall management of the region, and is by natural law (meaning- as a consequence of the nature of the game) capable of controlling nearly all administrative affairs.
- The Delegate must remain active. May not be inactive for a period exceeding 6 days
- Is responsible for "The Vote of the Region" in the World Assembly. Therefore, unless no more than one opinion expressed in the Kongregate Civil Headquarters other than that of the World Assembly Delegate, they must vote in favor of the majority opinion (The opinion of the WA delegate counts in determining the majority). If one or fewer other opinions are put forth, the delegate may vote at his will. Votes to abstain (having the delegate neither vote yea or nay) count as well.
- Is responsible for informing the region of his/her vote. his may be done through either the World Factbook Entry or the Kongregate Civil Headquarters. Before voting, the World Assembly Delegate must provide an explanation of why they plan to vote one way or another or choosing to abstain. If a vote is cast and public majority sways to desiring another decision, it is the responsibility of the delegate to update his/her vote to accommodate this and alter his/her vote accordingly.
- Is responsible for ejecting/banning users from the region. May not ban users unless they are part of an invasion or are causing massive disruption in a way that cannot be solved through any other means. Unless extreme circumstances arise, users are to be ejected/banned from a nation only as a result of popular vote
- Controls password protection of the region. May not password protect the region unless deemed necessary due to extreme circumstances or due to popular desire through an organized, direct vote.
- Controls the World Factbook Entry. Unless popular vote in an organized election dictates that members want otherwise, the World Factbook entry shall always contain a list of regional officials.
- May not be removed from office unless through a vote organized by the head of regional management.
- The above rule is nullified if a constant abuse of powers, constant failure to fulfill responsibilities, or persistent inactivity is occurring on the part of the WA delegate. If the World Assembly Delegate is to be removed from office, an organized election must immediately take place in order to choose the next World Assembly Delegate.

Head of Recruitment: This user is in charge of the growth Kongregate's numbers, one of the most important aspects of any region.
- Is authorized to use any means necessary, outside of the Kongregate region, to recruit members to the region. He/she is solely responsible for these means. If the region's members believe that a means of recruitment should be banned, they may appeal through the Head of Regional Management for a vote.
- Must achieve a quota of 5 people's worth of regional growth per week (this is not five people recruited, this means that the total amount of nations in the region must rise by five per week). The recruits do not need to occur thanks to him/her (meaning that if he/she does nothing, but the regional population increases by five thanks to the efforts of others or due to other circumstances, the quota is reached).
- If the above quota is not reached, the World Assembly Delegate may remove the Head of Recruitment from office within seven days of the offense, or the Head of Regional Management may organize a vote for impeachment based on these grounds. If either of these actions are taken, an organized election shall take place immediately to choose another Head of Recruitment.

Head of Regional Management This user is responsible for organizing elections and votes regarding regional affairs, and therefore serves as a government check to any other nations in power, as well as an organizing agent to prevent decisions from being made through mob rule.
- May organize elections or votes concerning the following facets of the region: Regional Leaders, ejecting users, banning users, password protecting the region, the World Factbook entry, regional government (processes, reponsibilities, powers, etc.)
- Nations are to appeal for organized elections privately by means of telegramming the Head of Recruitment. The Head of Recruitment may choose to either accept or deny this appeal. If the appeal is denied, the nation may then appeal to the World Assembly Delegate, who may accept or deny the appeal (but only after it has been denied by the Head of Recruitment!). If the appeal is denied, an organized election shall not take place.
- The Head of Regional management does not need an appeal to hold an organized election or vote, (s)he may organize one on his/her own accord.
- Any "organized election" must have at least 5 yea/nay/abstain votes from different nations (controlled by different people) to have the final decision reached go into effect. If this quota is not reached, the election/vote shall be invalidated. A failed organized election/vote may be retried at any time. Any organized election must have at least 96 hours (4 days) of uninterrupted voting time - that is, the polls must be open for at least 96 hours before an organized election/vote may be concluded. All organized elections/votes put forth by the head of recruitment must be accompanied by a clear resolution/decision on which the vote/election is taking place, as well as at least one reason why the vote/election is being held.
- If the above responsibilities are breached in any way, it is the responsibility of the World Assembly Delegate to remove the Head of Recruitment from office and organize an election to replace him/her.

On that note. If there are any other positions which you believe should be created for voting day, please suggest them publicly, including the title, as well as all responsibilities/stipulations you believe ought to apply to them. I shall consider any and all suggestions.

Election Day- How it shall work
- Anyone who wishes to run for an office may campaign in any way they wish. To officially enlist as a candidate, they must telegram me and inform me of their desire to run for a certain position. I will inform the public that they are officially running by means of public announcement. A nation may run for no more than one office at any given time. A nation may change the office they are running for (and may only do so through telegramming myself) up until five days (120 hours) before the beginning of election day - and, once again, I will make the official announcement of this publicly.
- Election day, as the name suggests, shall only last 24 hours, starting at 12:00 AM on November 6, and ending at 12:00 PM on November 7.
- All votes must be cast in the Regional Headquarters. The voter must make clear who they are voting for, and for which position they are voting this person into.
- Voters may only cast one vote (for one nation) per government position.

Final Thoughts
- If you read this massive, torturous text wall in its entirety, I salute you, good sir/madam. If you didn't, I encourage you to. It may be wordy, but it is important.
- Get started right away! Prepare for election day, submit your self-nominations, start campaigning, talk about who you want to vote for and why, and who you think shouldn't be elected. Talk about who should run for what, who should stay in office and who shouldn't, anything at all. Election season's all abuzz, join the party!

Math Fail: Oh, how awesome am I. Looks like I got election season started a tad early there. This probably explains my sucky math grade - anyway, nothing wrong with getting started a little early, eh?

Candidate Update:
[nation]Quinquex[/nation] is running for World Assembly Delegate as the incumbent.
[nation]Mesopoth[/nation] is running for Head of Regional Management as the incumbent.
Sam, if you'd like to run for World Assembly delegate, as you mentioned in the Regional HQ, I need you to send me a telegram affirming your self-nomination. Anyone else who wishes to run for any of the positions also needs to self-nominate themselves by telegramming me.

Political Alignment: The following will help you get an idea of where you are on the political alignment spectrum.

Election Info: Instead of paining you with a copy pasted textwall, I've put it off-site for your viewing pleasure here: Any of you who wish to read up on elected officials' responsibilities, how election day will work, etc (I think I actually fixed my math, feel free to scrutinize).

World Assembly Update: The Threshold of Majority proposal is well worded, well-intentioned, and if passed, without adding any overbearing regulatory force, will help to improve government functions and civil rights. It seems perfectly practical to me, and I plan to vote yea. I also plan to vote yes on Commend Ananke II, as the contributions detailed in the proposal seem more than great enough to deserve a World Assembly pat on the back. What do you guys think? And seriously, I ask that for a reason, feedback is nice Razz


A hearty welcome to...
- The Rogue Nation of Sargesteve
- The Republic of Walrus and Potatoes
- The Holy Empire of Oogle Snuffers
- The Dictatorship of DarkArmageddon
- The Empire of ElitestKnight
- The Free Land of SirVince5
Don't forget to apply for the World Assembly and endorse as many people as you can, it would be much appreciated!

Election Update: 15 days to election day, guys, and we still don't have very many candidates. This is your time to get involved, whether you joined today or joined last year. Let's go! If you need a description of a candidate position you're running for, it's detailed here:, and if you have any other questions, just ask.

---------------Current Ballot---------------

World Assembly Delegate:
- The Epic Empire of Quinquex - Incumbent
Head of Regional Management:
- The Post-Apocalyptic Empire of Basementees - Challenger
- The Dictatorship of Mesopoth - Incumbent
Head of Recruitment:
- N/A


Endorsements: Reminded by the two posts above me, I just wanted to re-iterate the material that I keep up in the World Factbook Entry's announcements. If you do join the World Assembly, which I strongly encourage you to do, take about 6 minutes out of your evening to endorse every single other World Assembly member in the region. It's a massive help to regional security and helps to maintain a relative balance of power among us all.

Turq: No problemo, Mr. Liberal.

World Assembly Update: Basementees, that is correct. I telegrammed the person who made the proposal, asking him for an explanation, and he said the following: "So a geosynchronous orbit (i'm guessing you already know this but just in case) is the orbit around a planet where an orbiting object will stay above the same point on the planet's surface. Now, due to EMP bursts/waves, tests in space that are located close to the planet pretty much cause you to break the rules of the rest of the proposal."

Election Update: We have a new ballot member, SgtAwesome16, running for the office of Head of Recruitment. With that in mind, get yourselves onto the ballot for one position or another, only, 14 days left 'till election day! Send me any questions or self-nominations. Word on the street is that [nation]The Last Odobanthropes[/nation] is going to be running for Head of Recruitment too, but I'm still waiting for confirmation.

--------------Current Ballot---------------

World Assembly Delegate:
- [nation]Quinquex[/nation] - Incumbent
Head of Regional Management:
- [nation]Basementees[/nation] - Challenger
- [nation]Mesopoth[/nation] - Incumbent
- [nation]The Last Odobanthropes[/nation] - Challenger
Head of Recruitment
- [nation]SgtAwesome16[/nation] - Challenger

Election Update: 12 days left until election day! For your information, the last day for entering yourself into an election will be November 11th. As soon as 12:01 hits on November 12th, no one else may submit themselves for consideration on the ballot. On that note, The Rogue Nation of The Last Odobanthropes is now running for the office of Head of Regional Management. Follow their example and join the race!

World Assembly Update: I'm putting in a positive vote for the resolution Repeal "Space Research Station Program" because though the research and education benefits of the original legislation are good, the flaws listed are serious enough to warrant repeal of the resolution to make way for a new and improved act, should they attempt to put it forth. It looks like the repeal's going to go down in flames, but I'm still voting for what I believe is right. If there's any disagreements, please speak up!

--------------Current Ballot---------------

World Assembly Delegate:
- The Epic Empire of Quinquex - Incumbent
Head of Regional Management:
- The Post-Apocalyptic Empire of Basementees - Challenger
The Dictatorship of Mesopoth - Incumbent
- The Rogue Nation of The Last Odobanthropes - Challenger
Head of Recruitment
- The United States of SgtAwesome16 - Challenger


Regarding Zamininc: First of all, one nation came back from inactivity. This isn't a big deal. It's one more user posting in the regional headquarters, its one more user contributing to the population and activity of our region, and the like. If you don't like that user, that's fine with me, but the Civil Headquarters isn't going to be a place where we have personal fights. No user causing problems, including the one that might be the 'victim' should be tolerated in the Civil HQ. If you believe that a user should be removed from a region, that's what Organized elections are for. You appeal to your Head of Regional Management (currently The Dictatorship of Mesopoth) or, in the case of denial/inaccessibility, me, and an organized vote shall be arranged, and we'll civilly discuss whether or not the measure should be approved. We don't need bickering, fighting, causing havoc, intentionally annoying others, being vulgar, harassing others, or anything of the like.

Basementees: When I mentioned The Rogue Nation of The Last Odobanthropes, I meant that others ought to get involved in running for office, as an inspiration or nudge to those who might be thinking about it but not sure about it. I think you understood that, but I'm not sure, because you said not to follow Odobanthropes' example, but you suggested running for office.

Election Update: 11 days to go until election day. So...
- Think about who you want to vote for and why. Talk with others about it.
- Think about whether or not you want to run for office. Candidate spots are open to everyone until November 12th.
- Don't forget to vote. Seriously, even if you're never talking in the civil headquarters or particularly active in regional affairs. I'm not prompting anyone to make an uneducated, thoughtless vote, but I am asking those who aren't always involved to get involved by deciding for themselves who would be best in office, and to elect them.
- Endorsing someone is okay. So is appropriate denunciation of someone (as in "I don't think Quinquex would be right for the job because of a, b, and c" not as in "Quinquex is a mother-trucking fishmonger who sucks giant Dr. Pepper"). Go ahead and endorse or, for lack of better terminology, launch an appropriate attack ad.

How voting will work:
- You will submit a full ballot in the Kongregate Civil Headquarters on Election Day
- The ballot should be formatted clearly, stating the position and the person running for that position that you choose to vote for. Like so:
World Assembly Delegate: (INSERT NATION HERE)
Head of Regional Management: (INSERT NATION HERE)
Head of Recruitment: (INSERT NATION HERE)
- If a ballot is at all unclear, the vote shall not be counted.
- A person, even one that is unchallenged, must receive at least 2 votes to be elected. In our current situation, that would mean both The United States of SgtAwesome16 and The Epic Empire of Quinquex need at least two votes.

--------------Current Ballot---------------

World Assembly Delegate:
- The Epic Empire of Quinquex - Incumbent
Head of Regional Management:
- The Post-Apocalyptic Empire of Basementees - Challenger
- The Dictatorship of Mesopoth - Incumbent
- The Rogue Nation of The Last Odobanthropes - Challenger
Head of Recruitment
- The United States of SgtAwesome16 - Challenger


Snazzy Welcoming: Welcome to Kongregate, various off-topicers (and welcome back to many of you!):
- The Republic of Arabic Kongregate
- The Democratic Republic of Racoonbia
- The Rogue Nation of Boomstar
- The Very Sexy Prospect of Shamoley
- The Republic of Kongregation34
- The Incorporated States of Sober Entrepreneurs

And a special snazzy welcome back to The Kingdom of Smackaine. It's nice to have a founder around again!

Samuel: Remember, if you have a problem with a user/users being here, appeal to the head of regional management via telegram, and they shall set up an organized vote for you.

World Assembly Update: I'm not much of a fan of the new Wise Woodland Management bill up or vote in the general assembly - it puts way too many environmental restrictions on national industry that can be manipulated every which way.
- To "operate so as to cause as little environmental damage as possible" means, more or less, to leave any piece of nature alone that anyone cares about - it's rarely definably necessary to deforest certain lands, especially when it comes to mining, oil drilling, or logging - pretty big industries in a lot of nations.
- The law "Requires that all WA member nations refrain from woodland management and/or clearance projects in any cases where this would identifiably have a harmful effect on any specific other nation’s environment and/or ecosystems" which can be extremely easily manipulated since ecosystem around the globe is almost completely interconnected- pollution in our nation only needs to float a few hundred miles across the border to pollute the air/atmosphere of another nation, for example.
- The "Forestry Advisory Bureau" is more unnecessary bureaucracy, though I have to say that the educational and research programs (huge funding hogs) are well intentioned and would be positive (whether or not there would be a demand for them I don't know, seems to me like they'd be in as much demand as science journals published by professors, which already have volume after volume on ecology and the environment). The FAB marks would also be well intentioned and good, sort of like organic food production.

I just don't think we need a global referendum on environmental policy. I'm putting in a negative vote but, as always, voice your own opinion, my choice is always up for change based on the whim of the region.

Election Update: Ten days left until election day! I've posted enough of a textwall here as it is, but if you have any questions on election procedure, just telegram me and I can get you the info and such nice and fast. Also, don't forget that anyone can run for any office, just telegram me and I'll put your name on the ballot!

---------Current Ballot---------

World Assembly Delegate:
- The Epic Empire of Quinquex - Incumbent
Head of Regional Management:
- The Post-Apocalyptic Empire of Basementees - Challenger
- The Dictatorship of Mesopoth - Incumbent
- The Rogue Nation of The Last Odobanthropes - Challenger
Head of Recruitment
- The United States of SgtAwesome16 - Challenger


Regional Forum: After a night of hard work, I bring you the newest addition to the Kongregate Region- our own regional forum! Please do browse through it, take a couple minutes to make an account, and start participating in it. It took a fair amount of hard work, and it should serve as a beneficial extension to the region. I give you:


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