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Post  Admin on Sun Nov 07, 2010 5:05 pm

New users, clearly, are unfamiliar with the workings of Nationstates and the region of Kongregate. As a result, below are basic guidelines as to what to do (the green chunks of text link to images showing you where things are and what things look like):

Newbies of Nationstates Checklist:

1. Create a nation. This can be done by clicking "Create a Nation" on the left hand side of the screen where the bold-texted bar is. Simply follow the prompts provided.

2. Adjust your Settings. You can adjust things such as the rate of issue reception, your national motto, currency, and animal, as well as create/upload your own custom flag or simply change it to a different nationstates one. You can find the settings tab indented under the name of your nation .

3. Move to Kongregate! Simply goto the Kongregate Region ( and click "Move (Your Nation) to Kongregate!"

4. Join the World Assembly. Simply click "World Assembly" and then click "Apply to Join". You will be let in within 24 hours.

5. Once you have been let into the World Assembly, Endorse everyone else who is also in the World Assembly- or as many people as you can. This is a very important part of maintaining regional security, and it will also get you a few endorsements in return. As new nations come in and join the World Assembly, you should endorse them too. You cannot endorse nations unless you and the nation you wish to endorse is in the World Assembly. To endorse, click "Endorse (Name of Nation)" at the bottom of the nation's page - which can be accessed simply by clicking on the name of that nation. Try it by clicking on the name of one of the users in the World Census.

6. Answer your first issue. You can dismiss it if you choose, meaning it shall have no effect, but every choice you make has some sort of impact on your nation in a real way.

7. Vote on a World Assembly Resolution. Just click the name of the resolution at vote to read the actual resolution, and at the bottom of the resolution, choose to vote either for or against it based on your thoughts. Share those thoughts in the Kongregate Civil Headquarters located at the bottom of the region page.

8. Join this forum. You're already here, just sign up and use it for what it's worth!

9. Ask Quinquex any questions you have via telegram. Just go to the bottom of a nation's page, type in a message, and send it. You can use telegrams to communicate with anyone, inside or outside of the region.

10. Spread the word about Kongregate!


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