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Post  Admin on Sat Apr 02, 2011 8:14 pm

All Ambassadors are hereby required, effective April 16, 2011, to conform to the following stipulations.

- The maintenance of communications between Kongregate and the region that the ambassador is concerned with is of utmost importance. This would involve private communications with their leader, founder, ambassador, and/or other figurehead that they designate for relations with us, as well as public announcements in either region's message board if necessary.

- All Ambassadors must create and maintain a 'puppet nation' to remain in the region that the ambassador is responsible for.

- Periodic updates to the World Assembly Delegate regarding the general state of relations and any issues needing to be attended to may be required at any time by the World Assembly Delegate, and must be given either to the World Assembly Delegate or posted publicly at the Ambassador's discretion when an issue arises that is urgent.

- All Ambassadors are required to maintain and frequent an embassy in the Kongregate Region, and if an embassy in the foreign region in concern exists, the ambassador to that region must frequent it as well.


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