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The World Assembly Delegate is defined as the elected leader of the region. (S)he has the responsibility of overall management of the region, and is by natural law (meaning- as a consequence of the nature of the game) capable of controlling nearly all administrative affairs.

The current World Assembly Delegate is Quinquex

The World Assembly Delegate is subject to the following:

- (S)he must remain active. The Delegate may not be inactive for a period exceeding 6 days without notice and reason of absence in the World Factbook Entry If they are, an Organized Vote for impeachment of the World Assembly Delegate may take place.

- (S)he is responsible for "The Vote of the Region" in the World Assembly. Therefore, unless no more than one opinion expressed in the Kongregate Civil Headquarters other than that of the World Assembly Delegate, they must vote in favor of the majority opinion (The opinion of the WA delegate counts in determining the majority). If one or fewer other opinions are put forth, the delegate may vote at his/her will. Votes to abstain (having the delegate neither vote yea or nay) count as well.

- (S)he is responsible for informing the region of his/her vote. his may be done through either the World Factbook Entry or the Kongregate Civil Headquarters. Before voting, the World Assembly Delegate must provide an explanation of why they plan to vote one way or another or choosing to abstain. If a vote is cast and public majority sways to desiring another decision, it is the responsibility of the delegate to update his/her vote to accommodate this and alter his/her vote accordingly.

- (S)he is responsible for ejecting/banning users from the region, but may not ban users unless they are part of an invasion, have been voted through an organized election to be banned, or are causing massive disruption in a way that cannot be solved through any other means. In other words, unless extreme circumstances arise, users are to be ejected/banned from a nation only as a result of popular vote.

- (S)he controls password protection of the region. May not password protect the region unless deemed necessary due to extreme circumstances.

- (S)he controls the World Factbook Entry. Unless popular vote in an organized election dictates otherwise, the World Factbook Entry shall always contain a list of regional officials, as well as pertinent announcements, a link to and a brief regional description.

- (S)he may not be removed from office unless through an Organized Vote.

- The above rule is nullified if a constant abuse of powers, constant failure to fulfill responsibilities, or persistent inactivity is occurring on the part of the WA delegate. If the World Assembly Delegate is to be removed from office, an organized election must immediately take place in order to choose the next World Assembly Delegate.

- Ten days up to a Regional Election, (s)he is responsible for posting the election ballot on the Kongregate Civil Headquarters, clearly revealing who is running for what position and whether they are an incumbent or a challenger. This ballot must be updated whenever circumstances are updated, and must always be visible on the Kongregate Civil Headquarters during this time period. It is expected that the World Assembly Delegate will promote awareness of the election.

- If the Head of Regional Management denies an appeal for an Organized Vote or Organized Election, and the nation originally appealing to them appeals to the World Assembly Delegate, (s)he may accept or deny the appeal, and if the appeal is accepted, (s)he must proceed as the Head of Regional Management ought to.

- Prior to constructing an embassy with another region or forming a treaty or other agreement with another region, the World Assembly Delegate and/or the Region's Founder must consult the nations of Kongregate. If Kongregate's nations, overall, express positive or neutral sentiment as reasonably judged by the World Assembly Delegate or the Region's Founder, then the Region's Founder and/or the World Assembly Delegate may construct embassies and engage in agreements with said other region. If, however, Kongregate's nations, overall, express negative sentiment as reasonably judged by either the World Assembly Delegate or the Region's Founder, than neither of them may construct embassies or engage in formal agreements with said other region. Note that if more nations express negative sentiment than positive sentiment, neither the Founder nor the World Assembly Delegate may proceed with constructing an embassy or forming a treaty.


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