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Post  Admin on Sat Nov 06, 2010 9:47 pm

The Head of Recruitment is responsible for bringing new users/nations into the region and consistently increasing Kongregate's regional population.

There current head of recruitment is Encyrot

The Head of Recruitment is subject to the following:

Regional Management Amendment I, passed January 30, 2011, pertains to and modifies section three of this post: The growth quota, being the number of nations of growth the Head of Recruitment is responsible for generating in the region within seven days, shall be reduced from five nations to two nations, in order to apply greater fairness and more reasonable expectations to the office of Head of Recruitment.

1. (S)he is authorized to use any lawful means necessary, outside of the Kongregate region, to recruit members to the region. (S)he is solely responsible for these means. If the region's members believe that a means of recruitment should be banned, they may appeal through the Head of Regional Management for a vote.

2. (S)he may not endorse the creation of multiple nations by a single user.

3. (S)he must achieve a quota of 5 nations worth of regional growth per week (this is not five people recruited, this means that the total amount of nations in the region must rise by five per week). The recruits do not need to occur thanks to him/her (meaning that if he/she does nothing, but the regional population increases by five thanks to the efforts of others or due to other circumstances, the quota is reached).

4. If the above quota is not reached, the World Assembly Delegate may remove the Head of Recruitment from office within seven days of the offense, or the Head of Regional Management may hold an Organized Vote for impeachment based on these grounds. If either of these actions are taken, an organized election shall take place immediately to choose another Head of Recruitment.

5. (S)he must send a report once every seven days to the World Assembly Delegate detailing who they were responsible for bringing into the region, how much the regional population increased or declined, and any other pertinent information regarding the region's population.


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