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Post  Admin on Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:00 pm

The Head of Regional Management is responsible for organizing elections and votes regarding regional affairs, and therefore serves as a government check to any other nations in power, as well as an organizing agent to prevent decisions from being made through mob rule.

The current Head of Regional Management is Koopashell

- Amendment One: In order to achieve a more healthily stable population, having recognized sizable decreases in regional population, the Head of Regional Management is tasked with making contact with any nation that has been inactive for a period of time exceeding ten days through a venue at which that user is actually active, such as Kongregate.com or an e-mail, and bringing them back to activity within the region. The responsibility of the acquisition of such information from new and old users belongs exclusively to the Head of Regional Management.

- May organize elections or votes concerning the following facets of the region: Regional leaders, ejecting users, banning users, The World Factbook entry, regional government (processes, responsibilities, powers, etc.).

- Nations are to appeal for organized elections privately by means of telegramming the Head of Recruitment. The Head of Recruitment may choose to either accept or deny this appeal. If the appeal is denied, the nation may then appeal to the World Assembly Delegate, who may accept or deny the appeal (but only after it has been denied by the Head of Recruitment!). If the appeal is denied, an organized election shall not take place. If the World Assembly delegate accepts the appeal, they must proceed as the Head of Regional Management ought to.

- (S)he does not need an appeal to hold an organized election or vote, (s)he may organize one on his/her own accord.

- If the responsibilities of the Head of Regional Management are violated, it is the duty of the World Assembly delegate to remove him from office by an organized vote.


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