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The Embassy of Trav Khar Empty The Embassy of Trav Khar

Post  Admin on Sat Nov 20, 2010 8:45 pm

Welcome to the Embassy of Trav Khar, an official ally of Kongregate.

Trav Khar – Kongregate Alliance

Trav Khar and Kongregate henceforth establish a mutually beneficial alliance in the spirit of their new-found friendship. As an act of unity towards common goals, an alliance has been designed to expand relations and secure military security. Each Party Agrees to the following:

I. Neither party shall conduct or support a military operations against the other.

II. The Trav Khar Warriors shall act in the defense of Kongregate when requested by Kongregate's appointed Ambassador.

III. Kongregate nations which are also members of the World Assembly shall be given the right to serve in the Trav Khar Warriors.

IV. As long as a Kongregate nation serves in the Trav Khar Warriors, Kongregate's appointed Ambassador will have access to Trav Khar's private military boards. This information may not be divulged without the expressed consent of the majority of the Trav Khar High Council.

V. Alterations & Annulment
A. Alteration to this alliance shall only be made if approved by the majority of the Trav Khar High Council and approved through an Organized Election in Kongregate.
B. The Alliance shall be made void by the Trav Khar High Council or by Kongregate's World Assembly Delegate, Founder, or Kongregate's appointed Ambassador upon issuing a formal announcement of termination to the other party’s ambassador and World Assembly Delegate.


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The Embassy of Trav Khar Empty Hello & Greetings from Trav Khar!

Post  Neo Nibu on Tue Dec 07, 2010 9:40 am

Hello & Greetings from Trav Khar!

As you know TK and Kongregate have made an Alliance, a military pact.

What participating in our army would mean is any WA nation interested can sign up on our forum and join in on our Military operations. We work with the FRA a group who defends founderless regions from oppressive raiders.

This would require a WA nation to move from region to region, I personally would recommend leaving your main nation here, and creating a 2nd puppet nation to use in the WA and for the military operations. (remember only 1 nation can be in the WA at a time)

You can sign up at our forum here;

And you can enlist in our army here;

Anyone interested let me know! (TG Nation - )

Also if you'd like to join but hate forums, I can arrange to work with you through tgs, although I recommend joining the forum so you can get the rewards and "medals" for participating in the TK Warriors operations.

Neo Nibu

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