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Post  Admin on Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:21 pm

Regional Elections occur every seventy-five days and serve as the time in which all regional officials are subject to re-election.

The next Regional Election is on June 29, 2011, from 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM U.S. Eastern Standard Time.

- Regional officials may only be chosen on election day, new positions may not be filled until election day. However, positions in which the officer has been removed from office or has resigned may be filled through only either an Organized Election or a Regional Election.

- A ballot must be made visible at all times by the World Assembly Delegate between ten days prior to the election and election day on the Kongregate Civil Headquarters by the World Assembly Delegate revealing who is running for what position and whether they are an incumbent or a challenger. This ballot must be updated whenever circumstances are updated, and must always be visible on the Kongregate Civil Headquarters during this time period. The World Assembly Delegate must also promote awareness of the elections in the Kongregate Civil Headquarters between ten days before election day and election day.

- Candidates may campaign however they wish without being overly vulgar. "Attack Ad" type messages must be down to earth and free of vulgar/harassing insults. A candidate may not recruit users to the region for the purpose of attaining votes.

- Only one vote per user is accepted (a user controlling multiple nations, that is, may only vote with one of his/her nations). All users in Kongregate have the right to vote.

- A quota of one vote for a user running for a position must be reached per election category (e.g. “Head of Recruitment) for a user to become elected. If no votes are cast for an election category, the World Assembly delegate in power must nominate someone within 48 hours after election day to serve.

- Endorsing other users or campaigning on their behalf is acceptable and even encouraged, as well as releasing "Attack Ads" conforming to the stipulations above.


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